Monkees Logo Guitar


Built in 2010 on a Gibson/Baldwin Epoch. Custom Heart Shaped Tuners by Bitterroot.

Signed by Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork

Additional signatures: Bobby Hart, Valerie Kairys Venet, Christian Nesmith¹, Circe Link¹, Jonathan Nesmith, Jessica Nesmith, Gemma “Coco” Dolenz, Georgia Dolenz, Emily Dolenz¹, Charlotte Dolenz, Ami Dolenz, David Alexander†, Rich Dart†, Wayne Avers†,   John Billings†, Buddy Blanch*, Danny Solazzi*, Donna Loren, Renee Favor, Andrew Sandoval, Rachel Lichtman, Eric Lefcowitz, Jodi Blau Ritzen, Phyllis Friedman Paganucci, Jessica Anne Dawson.

Guitar picks: Davy Jones, Christian Nesmith,Jessica Nesmith, Jonathan Nesmith

Peter Tork: Nov. 26 2011 – Micky Dolenz: Mar. 15 2014 – Mike Nesmith: Mar. 15 2014

All other autographs Mar. 15 2014 unless noted.

¹: Christian Nesmith, Circe Link, Emily Dolenz – Second autograph June 5 2016

*: Buddy Blanch, Danny Solazzi – June 5 2016

†: David Alexander, Rich Dart, Wayne Avers, John Billings – Oct. 28 2016


Continuing autographs.

Signed Monkees Guitar 2014

Back Autographs: 2014


Back Autographs: June 2016

Update: October 28 2016





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